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Sharjah Police Rescues Ailing Woman with Exceptional Team Effort

In a remarkable display of coordinated efforts, Sharjah Police successfully rescued a young woman in critical condition, weighing 400 kilograms, from her residence. The...

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Film Actress: Film-Serial Actress And Presenter Subi Suresh Passed Away

Subi Suresh (42), was a serial actress and film actress. She was pronounced dead at a Kochi private hospital. She was being treated for liver disease. Subi Suresh is a mimic and mono act performer who has been making waves through Cochin Kala Bhavan. She has appeared in more than 20 films and serials. She was also a prominent presence on stage comedy shows. She was also an anchor for various television programs. Subi was born in Tripunithura, Ernakulam. She completed her education at Tripunithura Government School as well as St. Teresa's College in Ernakulam. In her school days, she was a well-known dancer. Subi is well-known for her break dancing performances at venues, where she performed Monoact and Mimicry. Cinemala, a comedy series that...

AED Currency Rate Today – UAE Forex Exchange

Understanding the AED Currency Rate Today - UAE Forex Exchange is paramount in the dynamic landscape of global finances. This comprehensive guide provides real-time insights into currency fluctuations, focusing on AED to INR, AED to PKR, AED to USD, and numerous others. Let's journey through the intricate world of international exchange rates. Emirati Dirham1.00 AEDinv. 1.00 AEDUS Dollar0.2722943.672500Euro0.2532883.948080British Pound0.2168974.610478Indian Rupee22.7025820.044048Australian Dollar0.4149342.410024Canadian Dollar0.3694852.706467Singapore Dollar0.3662102.730675Swiss Franc0.2394144.176862Malaysian Ringgit1.2737550.785080Japanese Yen39.8657610.025084 Other Currencies Rate Toady Against AED Emirati Dirham▲1.00 AED▲▼inv. 1.00 AED▲▼Argentine Peso99.660449 0.010034 Australian Dollar0.414934 2.410024 Bahraini Dinar 0.102383 9.767287 Botswana Pula 3.731356 0.267999 Brazilian Real 1.345641 0.743140 British Pound 0.216897 4.610478 Bruneian Dollar 0.366210 2.730675 Bulgarian Lev 0.495388 2.018621 Canadian Dollar 0.369485 2.706467 Chilean Peso 240.340549 0.004161 Chinese Yuan Renminbi 1.950650 0.512650 Colombian Peso 1082.824935 0.000924 Czech Koruna 6.183417 0.161723 Danish Krone 1.888442 0.529537 Euro 0.253288 3.948080 Hong Kong Dollar 2.125451 0.470488 Hungarian Forint 97.087471 0.010300 Icelandic Krona 38.171672 0.026197 Indian Rupee 22.702582 0.044048 Indonesian Rupiah 4263.588221 0.000235 Iranian Rial 11469.225074 0.000087 Israeli Shekel 1.013596 0.986586 Japanese Yen 39.865761 0.025084 Kazakhstani Tenge 124.858095 0.008009 Kuwaiti Dinar 0.084013 11.902930 Libyan Dinar 1.317845 0.758815 Malaysian Ringgit 1.273755 0.785080 Mauritian Rupee 11.997753 0.083349 Mexican Peso 4.746971 0.210661 Nepalese Rupee 36.341158 0.027517 New Zealand Dollar 0.444983 2.247279 Norwegian Krone 2.986026 0.334893 Omani Rial 0.104837 9.538641 Pakistani Rupee 77.380282 0.012923 Philippine Peso 15.123172 0.066124 Polish Zloty 1.097898 0.910831 Qatari Riyal 0.991150 1.008929 Romanian New Leu 1.259335 0.794070 Russian...

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