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Are you a job seeker looking for exciting opportunities in Dubai or Sharjah? If you have a passion for food and a drive for excellence, then KFC might just be the perfect place for you! As one of the leading fast-food chains globally, KFC offers a range of diverse career paths and is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join its team. In this article, we will explore the fascinating journey of KFC in Dubai, the career opportunities it presents, and the application process to kickstart your journey toward a rewarding career with this iconic brand.

How it Started

The story of KFC in Dubai is one of ambition, dedication, and mouth-watering success. It all began when KFC’s founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, known for his secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, laid the foundation of his dream in 1930. Since then, KFC has grown exponentially, spreading its finger-licking goodness to various corners of the world.

In the early 1970s, KFC ventured into the UAE market, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey in the Middle East. The brand’s delectable recipes and exceptional customer service quickly captured the hearts of the local population, making KFC a beloved fast-food destination. With time, KFC’s popularity soared, leading to the establishment of numerous outlets across Dubai and Sharjah, creating a vast range of career opportunities for job seekers in the region.

KFC Dubai: A Hub of Excellence

Dubai, being a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, presents the ideal environment for KFC’s growth and success. The city’s diverse population and flourishing economy have made it an attractive destination for various businesses, including renowned international brands like KFC. As the demand for KFC’s mouthwatering menu items continues to rise, so does the need for a talented workforce to deliver exceptional service and maintain the brand’s legacy.

KFC Careers: Exploring the Possibilities

When it comes to careers at KFC, the options are plentiful. Whether you are interested in customer service, kitchen operations, management, or even marketing, KFC offers a range of roles to suit diverse skill sets and interests. Here are some of the exciting career paths you can explore at KFC:

Team Member (Front-of-House and Back-of-House)

As a Team Member, you will be the face of KFC, serving customers with a smile and ensuring their dining experience is nothing short of delightful. Alternatively, you can choose to work in the kitchen, preparing KFC’s world-famous recipes to perfection.

Shift Supervisor

If you have leadership skills and enjoy motivating teams, the role of Shift Supervisor might be the perfect fit for you. As a Shift Supervisor, you will oversee operations during designated shifts, ensuring that all processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Restaurant Manager

For those with a passion for managing teams and delivering exceptional service, the position of Restaurant Manager offers a fulfilling career path. Restaurant Managers are responsible for the overall performance of KFC outlets, from maintaining quality standards to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Marketing and Public Relations

If you have a flair for creativity and a love for engaging customers, a career in marketing and public relations with KFC could be your calling. Marketing professionals at KFC work on exciting campaigns and promotions that keep customers coming back for more.

How to Apply at KFC

Are you excited about the prospect of becoming a part of the KFC family? The application process is straightforward, and here’s how you can get started:

List of Vacant Positions (New Updates):

AM – Finance ControlSharjahView & Apply
Project Manager (To be based in Iraq)SharjahView & Apply
Financial Planning and Analysis ManagerSharjahView & Apply
Assistant Manager – Aggregator Revenue GrowthSaudi ArabiaView & Apply
Assistant Marketing ManagerSaudi ArabiaView & Apply
Security Operations Manager (Relocation to UAE)Saudi ArabiaView & Apply
DFD & Catering ManagerSaudi ArabiaView & Apply
Senior Marketing AssociateSaudi ArabiaView & Apply

Visit the Official Website

To apply for a job at KFC, head over to the official KFC website or visit their career portal. Here, you will find a list of available job opportunities, along with detailed job descriptions and requirements.

Create a Profile

To proceed with the application, you will need to create a candidate profile on the website. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information, as this will be used during the evaluation process.

Explore Job Openings

Browse through the various job openings and find the one that aligns with your skills and interests. Click on the job title to view more details about the role.

Submit Your Application

Once you’ve found the perfect job opportunity, click on the “Apply” button, and follow the instructions to submit your application online. You may need to upload your resume and a cover letter detailing your passion for joining the KFC team.

Wait for Feedback

After submitting your application, KFC’s recruitment team will review your profile and application. If your qualifications match their requirements, you will be contacted for further assessment, which may include interviews and skill evaluations.


Joining KFC Dubai or Sharjah is not just about getting a job; it’s about becoming a part of a global brand that values its employees and encourages growth and development. With a multitude of career opportunities and a supportive work environment, KFC offers a pathway to a fulfilling and rewarding future. So, if you’re ready to embark on a flavorful journey of success, why wait? Take the leap and start your application process today!


Are there part-time positions available at KFC Dubai?

Yes, KFC Dubai does offer part-time positions, providing flexibility for those seeking alternative work arrangements.

What are the age requirements to work at KFC?

Typically, candidates must be at least 18 years old to work at KFC. However, some positions may have specific age requirements due to legal restrictions.

Does KFC provide training and development opportunities for employees?

Absolutely! KFC places significant emphasis on employee training and development, providing various programs to enhance skills and advance careers.

Is previous work experience required to apply for entry-level positions?

While previous experience is always beneficial, it is not always required for entry-level positions at KFC. The company values enthusiasm and potential as much as experience.

How does KFC contribute to the community in Dubai and Sharjah?

KFC actively engages in community initiatives and charity work, supporting various causes to make a positive impact on society.

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