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Are you an aspiring educator looking to embark on a rewarding teaching career in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world? If so, then you’re in luck because GEMS School Dubai is offering exciting teaching job vacancies that might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Locations of GEMS School in Dubai

Before delving into the specifics of career opportunities at GEMS School Dubai, let’s take a moment to explore the various locations of this prestigious institution. GEMS Education, founded in 1959, is a global network of award-winning schools with a strong presence in Dubai. In the heart of this dynamic city, you’ll find several GEMS schools, each with its own unique character and charm.

GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS Modern Academy is one of Dubai’s most renowned and sought-after schools. Located in Nad Al Sheba, this institution boasts world-class facilities and a rich tradition of academic excellence.

GEMS Wellington Academy

Situated in the serene surroundings of Al Khail, GEMS Wellington Academy offers an inspiring learning environment where students are encouraged to excel academically and personally.GEMS International School

For those seeking an international education experience, GEMS International School in Al Khail is an ideal choice. The school follows a global curriculum and focuses on holistic development.

GEMS New Millennium School

Located in Al Khail, GEMS New Millennium School is dedicated to providing students with a nurturing environment that fosters creativity and critical thinking.

Careers at GEMS School Dubai

Now that you’ve gained a glimpse of the various GEMS school locations in Dubai, let’s dive into the exciting career prospects they offer.

Teaching Positions

GEMS School Dubai is known for its commitment to excellence in education. As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for dedicated educators who are passionate about shaping young minds. Whether you’re an experienced teacher or a fresh graduate eager to make a difference, there’s a place for you at GEMS.

Administrative Roles

GEMS School Dubai doesn’t just offer opportunities for teachers; they also have a wide range of administrative positions available. From school administrators to support staff, there are various roles that contribute to the school’s success.

Benefits and Salary

Working at GEMS School Dubai comes with a host of benefits that make it an attractive option for educators and professionals alike.

Competitive Salary Packages

GEMS Education recognizes the value of its educators and staff, offering competitive salary packages that reflect your experience and qualifications.

Professional Development

Continuous learning is encouraged at GEMS School Dubai. The institution provides opportunities for professional development, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies.

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

GEMS schools are known for their diverse student populations. This creates a rich and inclusive environment where you can learn as much from your students as they can from you.

Apply now for GEMS School Careers

If you’re excited about the prospect of joining the GEMS family and contributing to the future of education in Dubai, then waste no time in applying.

To explore the latest job openings and to submit your application, visit the official GEMS School Dubai careers page. Your journey to becoming a part of this esteemed educational institution starts there.

Applying Details For GEMS New Millennium School

For those specifically interested in joining GEMS New Millennium School, here are the application details:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the GEMS legacy in Dubai. Apply today and take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in education.

Recent Updates (Latest Vacancies)

Head of WellbeingDubaiApply Now
Learning Systems EngineerDubaiApply Now
IT Support SpecialistDubaiApply Now
English Teacher – January 2024DubaiApply Now
Secondary Music Teachers – September 2024DubaiApply Now
Head of InclusionDubaiApply Now
CBSE/ICSE/IB Teachers – Kolkata InterviewsDubaiApply Now
FS Primary Teacher – September 2023DubaiApply Now
School RegistrarSharjahApply Now
English Teacher – January 2024DubaiApply Now
CBSE Teachers – Kochi InterviewsDubaiApply Now
CashierDubaiApply Now
CBSE/ICSE/IB Teachers – Mumbai InterviewsDubaiApply Now
Drama Teacher – January 2024DubaiApply Now
Maths Teachers – September 2024DubaiApply Now
CBSE/ICSE/IB Teachers – Bangalore InterviewsDubaiApply Now
Primary Teachers – September 2024DubaiApply Now
Primary Maths TeacherDubaiApply Now
ICT TeacherDubaiApply Now
Primary Science TeacherDubaiApply Now


In conclusion, GEMS School Dubai offers an array of exciting career opportunities for educators and professionals. With a commitment to excellence, a diverse and inclusive environment, and competitive benefits, it’s no wonder that GEMS is a top choice for those looking to make a difference in education.

So, seize the moment, explore the possibilities, and apply for a career at GEMS School Dubai. Your journey towards shaping the future starts here.


What makes GEMS School Dubai stand out among other educational institutions?

GEMS School Dubai stands out due to its long-standing tradition of academic excellence, diverse student body, and commitment to innovation in education.

Are there opportunities for career growth at GEMS School Dubai?

Yes, GEMS School Dubai encourages professional development and offers opportunities for career growth within the institution.

How do I apply for a teaching position at GEMS School Dubai?

To apply for a teaching position at GEMS School Dubai, visit the official GEMS careers page and explore the latest job openings.

What is the application process for GEMS New Millennium School?

To apply for a position at GEMS New Millennium School, visit their website and follow the application instructions provided on their careers page.

Can I apply for multiple positions at different GEMS schools in Dubai?

Yes, you can explore job openings at various GEMS schools in Dubai and apply for multiple positions that match your qualifications and interests.

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