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Flydubai, the UAE’s leading low-cost airline, has announced exciting job vacancies in Dubai. If you’re passionate about aviation and dream of working in a dynamic and innovative environment, flydubai is the perfect place for you. This article will provide detailed information about flydubai, its career opportunities, salary, benefits, and how to apply. So buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey towards a rewarding career in aviation!

About Flydubai Airline

Flydubai, established in 2008, is Dubai’s first government-owned budget airline. It operates a vast network of destinations across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa, providing affordable air travel to millions of passengers. The airline is known for its state-of-the-art fleet, exceptional service, and commitment to safety and reliability.

Careers at Flydubai

Working at flydubai means being part of a diverse and talented team that is shaping the future of air travel. The company offers a wide range of career opportunities, from pilots and cabin crew to ground staff, engineers, and corporate roles. Whether you are a seasoned aviation professional or a fresh graduate with a passion for the industry, flydubai has a place for you.

Current Job Vacancies

Flydubai regularly announces job vacancies across various departments. Some of the positions available may include:

  1. Pilots: Join flydubai as a pilot and take to the skies, flying modern and advanced aircraft.
  2. Cabin Crew: Deliver exceptional customer service and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on board.
  3. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers: Be part of the team that ensures Flydubai’s fleet operates smoothly and safely.
  4. Customer Service Representatives: Assist passengers with inquiries, bookings, and other travel-related matters.
  5. Finance and Accounting: Handle the financial aspects of the airline’s operations and contribute to its success.
  6. Marketing and Sales: Promote Flydubai’s services and attract more travelers to experience their excellent offerings.

Salary and Benefits in Flydubai Careers

Flydubai values its employees and offers competitive salaries and a host of attractive benefits. The airline understands the importance of work-life balance and strives to create a supportive and rewarding work environment for its staff.

Salary Packages

Flydubai offers competitive salary packages that vary depending on the job position and experience level. Employees receive regular performance appraisals and have opportunities for growth and advancement within the company.

Employee Benefits

Working at flydubai comes with an array of benefits, which may include:

  • Healthcare: Comprehensive medical coverage for employees and their families.
  • Travel Privileges: Discounted or free air travel for employees and their immediate family members.
  • Paid Time Off: Generous leave allowances for vacations and personal time.
  • Insurance: Life and accident insurance coverage for added security.
  • Training and Development: Ongoing training programs to enhance skills and knowledge.
  • Employee Wellness Programs: Initiatives to promote physical and mental well-being.

How to Apply for Flydubai Careers

Ready to take off on an exciting career journey with flydubai? Follow these simple steps to apply for job vacancies:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Head to flydubai’s official website and navigate to the “Careers” section.
  2. Browse Available Jobs: Explore the list of current job openings and select the position that matches your skills and interests.
  3. Submit Your Application: Create an account on the website, fill in the required details, and submit your application online.
  4. Resume and Cover Letter: Attach a well-crafted resume and a compelling cover letter highlighting your qualifications and motivation to work at flydubai.
  5. Prepare for Interviews: If shortlisted, prepare for interviews that may include technical assessments and personal discussions.
  6. Await the Decision: Wait for the recruitment team to assess your application and communicate the results.

Remember, each position may have specific requirements, so ensure you meet the criteria before applying.

List Of Vacant Positions | flydubai Jobs (New Updates)

Cabin Crew (Overseas Assessment Centre)DubaiView & Apply
Cabin Crew (Dubai based Assessment Centre)DubaiView & Apply
e-commerce Marketing Specialist (Paid search marketing and SEO)DubaiView & Apply
Specialist – Flight Data MonitoringDubaiView & Apply
e-Commerce Business AnalystDubaiView & Apply
Officer – Airport Product and AncillariesDubaiView & Apply
Officer – Commercial SystemsDubaiView & Apply
Visual Design Senior OfficerDubaiView & Apply
Automation Engineer – IT DevSecOpsDubaiView & Apply
Officer – Data SciencesDubaiView & Apply
Manager – User ExperienceDubaiView & Apply
Senior Officer – E-CommerceDubaiView & Apply
Project Manager – EcommerceDubaiView & Apply
First Officer – South Africa Assessment CentreDubaiView & Apply
First Officer – Brazil Assessment CentreDubaiView & Apply
First Officer – Type RatedDubaiView & Apply
REACH – Internship Engagement ProgrammeDubaiView & Apply
Specialist – Digital CommunicationsDubaiView & Apply
Ground Technical InstructorDubaiView & Apply
REACH – Internship Engagement Programme (UAE National Only)DubaiView & Apply


Flydubai offers an incredible opportunity to kickstart or advance your career in the aviation industry. With its commitment to excellence, employee welfare, and growth prospects, flydubai is a preferred choice for aviation professionals worldwide. If you’re looking for a dynamic and rewarding work environment, flydubai might just be the perfect fit for you. Don’t miss the chance to join this innovative airline and be part of an exciting journey in the skies!

FAQs About Flydubai Careers

1. Are there any age restrictions to apply for flydubai careers?

Flydubai has specific age requirements for various job positions. Please check the individual job listings on their website for detailed information.

2. Do I need to have previous aviation experience to apply for a cabin crew position?

While previous cabin crew experience is an advantage, flydubai welcomes applications from candidates with exceptional customer service skills and the desire to excel in the role.

3. What is the selection process for pilots at flydubai?

The pilot selection process involves several stages, including technical assessments, simulator evaluations, and interviews to assess a candidate’s suitability for the position.

4. Does flydubai offer internships or graduate programs for fresh graduates?

Yes, flydubai often offers internships and graduate programs to provide young talent with valuable exposure and experience in the aviation industry.

5. Can I apply for multiple positions at once?

Yes, you may apply for multiple positions if you meet the respective job requirements. Tailor your application and cover letter to each position to highlight your suitability.

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