AED Currency Rate Today – 31 March 2023 – UAE Forex Exchange

Stay informed about the latest AED currency rate today, which is 3.6725 AED per USD as of March 31, 2023, and 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals 0.27 United States Dollars.

As reported by the UAE Forex Exchange. Learn more about the forex exchange market and keep up-to-date with the latest exchange rates to make informed investment and trade decisions.

Emirati Dirham 1.00 AED
Argentine Peso 56.907944
Australian Dollar 0.405632
Bahraini Dinar 0.102383
Botswana Pula 3.553055
Brazilian Real 1.382242
British Pound 0.219790
Bruneian Dollar 0.361906
Bulgarian Lev 0.489266
Canadian Dollar 0.368416
Chilean Peso 214.011795
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 1.870417
Colombian Peso 1264.961535
Czech Koruna 5.873305
Danish Krone 1.863380
Euro 0.250158
Hong Kong Dollar 2.137442
Hungarian Forint 95.042405
Icelandic Krona 37.099591
Indian Rupee 22.351787
Indonesian Rupiah 4073.116507
Iranian Rial 11522.227778
Israeli Shekel 0.978758
Japanese Yen 36.236621
Kazakhstani Tenge 123.965307
Kuwaiti Dinar 0.083528
Libyan Dinar 1.304056
Malaysian Ringgit 1.202289
Mauritian Rupee 12.381435
Mexican Peso 4.905726
Nepalese Rupee 35.779622
New Zealand Dollar 0.434378
Norwegian Krone 2.848178
Omani Rial 0.104840
Pakistani Rupee 77.261473
Philippine Peso 14.782112
Polish Zloty 1.169552
Qatari Riyal 0.991150
Romanian New Leu 1.238121
Russian Ruble 21.121713
Saudi Arabian Riyal 1.021103
Singapore Dollar 0.361906
South African Rand 4.821640
South Korean Won 354.709686
Sri Lankan Rupee 89.588652
Swedish Krona 2.819633
Swiss Franc 0.248740
Taiwan New Dollar 8.304312
Thai Baht 9.274159
Trinidadian Dollar 1.845510
Turkish Lira 5.224988
US Dollar 0.272294
Venezuelan Bolivar 665765.539596

Current exchange rate for the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) and the Indian Rupee (INR) with our handy currency converter. Today, 1 AED is worth 22.35 INR.

As of today, 31 March 2023, the exchange rate between the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) and the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) is 1 AED equals 77.30 PKR. This means that if you have AED and want to exchange it for PKR, you will receive 77.30 Pakistani Rupees for every Dirham. It’s important to note that exchange rates can fluctuate daily, so it’s always a good idea to check the current rate before making any financial transactions involving foreign currency. You can easily convert AED to PKR using online currency converters or by visiting a bank or currency exchange office. Whether you’re planning a trip to Pakistan or sending money to family and friends, understanding the current exchange rate can help you make informed decisions and save money on foreign currency transactions.

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