Sharja’s Young Malayalee Couple Videos’; Starring In Social Media

Sharja's Young Malayalee Couple Videos'; Starring In Social Media
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Sharjah: “Ladies handbag in the hand, rose powder on lips, lipstick on lips and set eyebrows. Set eyelashes. Dress pants and shirt” – Sharjah’s young Malayalee Couple, Mohammad Jazeel, is featured in this Sharjah Al Nahda article. This is about the close friendship between two young men, which can be seen on social media. It’s also about Aashiq and Jazeel’s ‘bone-crushingly friendly’ life. Muhammad Jasil (26), is a Malappuram Kuttipuram native. Aashiq (27) is from Olavakkode in Palakkad.

Muhammad Jazeel is also known as Aashiq, Jazi, and Aashiq is known as Muhammad Jazil, Aashi. They have been best friends for seven years in the UAE. Tic Tac toe regularly views millions of their ‘Couple Videos,’ which are filled with social media. Let’s find out what makes you unique and then listen to the rest.

Sharja's Young Malayalee Couple Videos'; Starring In Social Media

Jessie lives her day looking like a young, beautiful woman. Ashi has a thick beard, and is a man. They formed a friendship at home that has been enjoyed by millions around the globe through social media. You can see it in person today.

Ashi saw the beauty and then saw

Seven years ago, the story is being told. Ashi was a prominent football player in India. After the game, there was no place in Kerala you couldn’t roam about. This is how they reached Jasi’s home. Jazzy, Ashi’s friend and Jazzy, had arrived that day to see sevens football. Jassy, Ashi didn’t meet or exchange glances.

Ashi fell for Jassi, a beautiful girl. Ashi, along with his team-mates, became thirsty while playing football. They went to Jassi’s house to get water. Ashi lost his ‘love’ of the girl after seeing Jassi at Jassi’s house. Jassi was more attractive than Ashi. They got to know one another and began to build deep friendship.

Later Jassi came to UAE. Jassi started working in Dubai as a receptionist at a jewelery shop. Jassy saw Ashi’s face and realized that he could not forget it. He sent a visa to his best friend, and he brought him here. They lived together for a while in Sharjah. After Ashi got a job at an Abu Dhabi hypermarket, Ashi eventually moved to Sharjah. Jassi requests Ashi to return to her friend Ashi. Ashi worked for Ras Al Khaimah briefly, but she soon joined Jassi.

Sharja's Young Malayalee Couple Videos'; Starring In Social Media

First dub mashing; and so on

Through a musical dub mashing, the Jazzy-Aashi team was the first to get on social media. It was a single event. Tik Tok and his partner started to do solo videos, then a ‘couple’ video. The most popular video was the couple video. The majority of its fans are female. Tick Tock quickly gained followers. Currently jasiljazziashi786TickTok has over four lakh followers. Both are active on Instagram. Over 15,000 people follow jasi_ashi_official Instagram account.

Both of them now make their living by sharing information about restaurants and other establishments in the UAE via social media. Lulu, Nesto and Malabar Gold are among the largest companies. They receive approximately AED 3,000 to share stories. Smaller firms, however, only buy a few thousand dirhams. They are also planning to co-found a new venture.

To apply for’social media brothers’

You will not be subject to stares or comments if you arrive in the UAE wearing your current clothes. The UAE is not in such a predicament. Everybody here lives a full life, and is responsible for their own businesses. Both of them enjoy living here.

Now, we live our private lives. Manorama Online was told by Jasi, Ashi that they are free to live their private lives. Both Jasi and Ashi also said that harassment by’social media users’ is in the form comments and messages. However, there is no time for them to be bothered. Adila and Noor should be left alone. Ashi and Noor are with Adila and Noor, the gay girls who have been the center of attention in Kerala lately. Both want to let them both sing their songs.

Sharja's Young Malayalee Couple Videos'; Starring In Social Media

Why is society not able to understand those who love and support each other? It is not right to avoid the pain of separation. Noor and Adila are not girls so it is wrong to keep them away. Nobody has the right interfere in someone’s private life. Particularly in sex. Both of them have chosen a life of happiness and peace for their future. They decided to be one after they found life without each other difficult. Such people also have the future. Jassi and Ashi believe that parents and authorities must be prepared to show this way of living to the next generation. WhatsApp both to reach them: +971 52 447 5210.

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