‘You are not alone in the world of books’; Hopefully the booksellers’ meeting

'You are not alone in the world of books'; Hopefully the booksellers' meeting
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Sharjah: Booksellers are not alone in the world. Publishers are there for you – Badur Al Qasimi (President of the International Publishers Association) sends condolences out to 56 booksellers. Badr al-Qasimi’s words were a relief to the many people gathered in the Sharjah Book Authority headquarters.

You are not alone in the world of books Hopefully the booksellers meeting 'You are not alone in the world of books'; Hopefully the booksellers' meeting

Today, she was the keynote speaker (17), at the end of the first international conference for booksellers organized by Sharjah Book Authority in celebration of the Children’s Reading Festival at Expo Center.

She stated that booksellers are not the only ones trying to improve the cultural landscape and raise awareness about the importance book reading. You will be supported by publishers in your efforts. Your efforts will be rewarded. An African saying says, “Let’s not go fast by ourselves, but let us work together.”

Booksellers work hard to connect with readers in creative ways, and I am sure they are. Keep trying to get books into people’s hands. Your efforts are now more important. Digital systems are changing the lives of readers. Badur al-Qasimi repeatedly exhorted publishers to unite in the face of the complicated challenges faced by booksellers following Covid.

The keynote address was delivered by Ahmed bin Raqqad Al Amri (Chief, Sharjah Book Authority). The conference covered a variety of topics over the course of two days. The 13th Children’s Reading Festival concludes on the 22nd. After the death of Sheikh Khalifa, UAE President, cultural events were resumed today (17).

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