Fath Al Khair to host World Cup; Start 4 at Malta

Fat Al Khair to host World Cup; Start 4 at Malta
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Doha: The “Fath Al Khair” boat trip operated by Katara Cultural Village in Qatar will start on July 4. The Fath Al Khair group has been traveling for five years in succession. This trip is designed to expose European citizens to the FIFA World Cup 2022 preparations, World Cup Stadiums and large sporting facilities of Qatar. It also aims to spread knowledge about Qatar’s rich maritime heritage and culture to the new generation.

In a press conference, Dr. Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al Sulaithi, Katara’s General Manager, stated that the journey would start in Malta this time. Next, the journey will take you to the southern Italian ports in Sicily, Naples and Rome, as well as Genoa. After visiting Monaco, Cannes, Marseille and Marseille in France the journey will conclude in Barcelona, Spain, in mid-August.

Fath Al Khair to host World Cup; Start 4 at Malta

Fath Al Khair: FIFA World Cup 2022 preparations Started

Mohammad Yusuf, Nokhuda Mahamal of the caravan stated that all security arrangements were in place. The group includes 18 nationals. All 18 members have passed fitness and health tests. Fat Al Khair set sail on traditional ships.

In the course of one and a quarter months, approximately 5,700 km are covered. Fath Al Khair Yatra, a project to promote the maritime heritage and culture in Qatar, was launched in 2013. The travel team reached India in 2015 as well. The group received a warm reception at each port. https://twitter.com/newsgulf

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