World Cup preparations are 95 percent complete

World Cup preparations are 95 percent complete
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Doha: Construction activities are intensifying with only four months until the FIFA World Cup. It is the goal to make streets and public places as welcoming as possible for football fans. Officials announced that over 95 percent of infrastructure for the World Cup is now complete.

The roads to and from the stadiums are almost fully operational. In a rush, the final round of residential constructions and infrastructure development projects are being completed. The contract companies are completing the constructions quickly because there is an opportunity to finish the works before September.

Companies have been given a time limit by the Ashgal Public Works Authority to complete their projects. Construction work will take place in the evenings and at night, as the noon break rule applies from 10.00 AM to 3.30 PM during the day. Because companies understand the importance of completing projects on schedule, they operate in a shift system.

Some Other Works Are Pending For World cup

There are many types of work underway, including road construction, renovation, drainage, landscaping, lighting, installation of electric poles along streets, and maintenance. Doha Corniche is the center of the World Cup’s development. It has completed 95 percent of its projects. Rest of the work is fast-paced.

Soon, footpaths for cyclists and pedestrians, along with Aldafna Station, Corniche Station, and West Bay Station tunnels, will be open. These tunnels have elevators and escalators for the disabled and elderly. There are 2 cafes in each tunnel with seating.

The Corniche, Albida Parks, Theater Parks and Hassad Tower are all connected by the cycle path. There are also cafes and coffee shops in the under construction Dafna Square (Corniche Square), Corniche Square, and Al Bida Square projects that face the Dafna Tunnel.

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