World Cup 2022; Fan groups started playing

World Cup; Fan groups started playing
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Doha : There are only four months until the FIFA Qatar World Cup. Fans are excited to form fan associations for their favorite teams. Already active are fan associations for Portugal, Argentina, and Brazil that support Qatar. Each fan club includes members from various communities, including India. Fans travel to football events and logo launches. It’s a different feeling to be able see your favorite stars in person.

Association members include the Supreme Committee and FIFA fan leaders. To unite fans and the excitement of World Cup, the Malayalis were behind the creation of these associations. Each fan group includes not only Indians, but also Qatari diaspora members from other countries.

Fans are ready to support their favorite teams on Qatari soil with the same passion and one mind for the World Cup. Fan organizations have been busy organizing elaborate celebration programs across the country to excite football passion in the 100 days leading up to the World Cup. The association operates in compliance to FIFA and Qatar rules. This includes no betting on matches, and no illegal sale or transfer of World Cup tickets.

Brazil fans in excitement

Brazil’s superstar Marcelo Vieira visited Doha yesterday and launched the fan activities by releasing at the Mall of Qatar the logo of Brazil Fans Qatar. The group has approximately 15,000 members, including Brazilian fans. Brazil Fans Qatar has 10 administrators. It is a group of 40 expatriate and local organizations.

The admin panel includes Malayalis and Brazilian citizens. Brazil Fans Qatar’s WhatsApp and Facebook groups are also Ushar. More than 500 people attended the first Brazil Qatar fan meetup, held at Doha Corniche near the World Cup countdown clock. The team is currently preparing for the spectacular 100-day countdown to the Qatar World Cup.

Messi is Their Life

This June, Argentina Fans Qatar was founded. After the World Cup logo was unveiled at the Doha Corniche birthday celebration, the group is excited about the World Cup. The association has about 1,000 members and was founded by the Malayalis. Messi is the life and soul of the fans.

Fans are certain that Messi will score, and score the most goals at the Qatar World Cup. The team has the support of the fans, who are willing to help them in any way they can. 100 people will donate blood to the World Cup blood donation camp in celebration of the 100-day countdown. Argentina’s fans are also ready for celebrations such as online programs on the 5th, sports events on the 12th, and a mega event and family get together on 19th.

Portugal’s strength is its ‘Porkutam

Portugal Fans Qatar was formed by Malayalee supporters to provide strong support and strength for their favorite team at the World Cup in Qatar. The 1,500-member group is involved in sporting events and gatherings. Officials are trying to increase the number of fans. It is impressive to see Portugal fans in Qatar on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Everybody is excited to be able to meet the stars and to also have the chance to support their favorite team. Indoor games and entertainment will be offered on the following weekends. More and more programs will be offered as the countdown to 100 days begins.

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