Winds and heat intensify in Qatar; Workplace safety should be provided

Winds and heat intensify in Qatar; Workplace safety should be provided
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Doha: The country is experiencing strong winds and hot summers. Recommendation that steps be taken to ensure the safety of workers in the workplace. The Ministry of Labor has directed all employers in the country to take steps to ensure the safety of workers in the workplace, especially in the construction sector. Heavy winds and heat began to rise in the country.

The ministry has directed to use wind speed measuring instruments and to shut down the cranes during strong winds. Ministry officials have warned that companies will be subjected to stringent inspections to ensure they are complying with workplace safety measures. In recent years, the ministry has been able to significantly reduce the incidence of health problems such as dehydration, sunstroke and sunburn through precautionary and preventive measures taken to ensure the health and safety of outdoor workers during the summer.

The noon break law is also enforced to protect the health of workers working in the open from June 1 to September 15, when the summer heats up every year. The law prohibits outdoor work from 11.00 am to 3.30 pm. The length of lunch time has also been extended from last year. The Ministry focuses on the protection of workers’ rights, welfare and health. Legal action is also being taken against companies that do not comply with the conditions. Efforts are also being made to ensure a safe and healthy work environment through service upgrades.

The wind will be strong from tomorrow

Doha: The wind will be strong again from tomorrow. The wind will continue until the end of the week. Sea waves will also be turbulent. North-westerly winds will reach 15-25 nautical miles per hour and in some places 35 nautical miles. The waves can reach 4-8 feet and sometimes 11 feet. The public should avoid going to sea. The Qatar Meteorological Agency also warned of strong winds. The dust storm has been strong in the country for the last few days.

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