Why Dubai property remains Indian investors’ best option these days

Why Dubai property remains Indian investors’ best option these days
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Dubai property is a great investment option for long-term investors, even with a strong dollar.

Dubai’s realty sector is growing as investors-centric policies attract local and international buyers. Dubai real estate recently recorded Dh22.7billion in sales, the highest ever recorded figures over the past 13 years.

The city’s location is bankable, and high investment and rental yields, capital expansion, and laws are all reasons for this. Dubai’s response to the pandemic that brought in ultra-rich people from all over the globe is an example of this and has given a tremendous boost to the property market. The momentum will continue for the next few decades as Dubai capitalizes on the Qatar World Cup.

In Dubai, Indians are the top 3 most popular nationalities to purchase properties since 2004. A golden visa allows residents and non-residents to apply for residency for 10 years after a Dh2million-plus investment. The average cost per square foot of an investment-grade property in Dubai is between Dh1,000 and Dh1,500. This is roughly Rs20,000 to Rs30,000 per foot in India.

The average return on investment in Dubai residential real estate is around 5-6 percent per year, compared to India’s 2 percent. A well-managed short-term rental can be a huge opportunity to increase appreciation by at least 8-10%. Investors can also use their property as a vacation home while visiting Dubai.

Dubai laws also protect the owner equally. They can remove the tenant if the owner wants to sell the property or occupy it for their use. A Dubai mortgage is available to Indians who have a steady income in their country. The Indian government also allows residents Indians to repatriate $250,000 per year, i.e. around Dh900,000. If the property is bought in cash, it can be worth around Dh1.8 million.

A strong dollar

Each year, the dirham is stronger against the rupee by 3-4 percent. This gives you a de facto appreciation of at least as much on your investment because the dollar is directly tied to the dirham. In July 2017, the Indian rupee was worth 17.5 against the dirham, and 21.5 against it in July 2022.

This shows a 22.5 percent increase in five years. It also indicates that if you had your money in the UAE or dollars in a bank, it would have increased by at least 22.5 percent a year. People rush to send money to India as the dollar appreciates. They think they are getting more, but the rupee is losing its value.

All roads lead to Dubai

Dubai’s relentless focus on multi-sectorial economic growth is a sure way to succeed in the future. It has attracted top talent from all over the globe (due to recent labor law changes) and will continue to attract foreign direct investment (as it has the lowest corporate taxes).

Other major factors include no annual property taxes, incredible financial rewards, high returns on investments, robust infrastructure, and outstanding hospitality. These make the Emirate an undisputed investment paradise for Indians looking to make it big.

Dubai is approximately 2.5 hours from Mumbai, and 3.5 hours from New Delhi. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to travel to the city.

Here are some points to keep in mind

Despite the many benefits of investing in the UAE, property investments should be made wisely and over the long term. We do not recommend that investors exit the market within 5 years.

It is best to select a community and developer that are well-respected to help you get more interest in your property. Last, avoid deals that seem too good to pass up because they are most likely too good to be true. Follow Us On Telegram

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