Wax Statue: Dubai: Indian Artist Created A Record By Making A Wax Statue Of Sheikh Hamdan

Wax Statue: Dubai: Indian Artist Created A Record By Making A Wax Statue Of Sheikh Hamdan
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The record-breaking wax statue of Sheikh Hamdan was created by an Indian artist. A record-breaking feat by an Indian artist is the hand-crafting of the statue of Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with 120 kilograms wax. He was awarded India’s World Records for this feat.

To carve the statue, Zakir Hussain Khan was able to use a single knife. Zakir, who lives in Dubai, has the dream of one day meeting the crown prince and dedicating his wax sculpture. Khan said that he is a huge fan of Sheikh Hamdan’s work and was there for his third visit along with Arif and his family. “Sheikh Hamdan inspires youth around the world. “I think Dubai is fortunate to have him as its crown Prince,” he added.

Record For Short Span Hand-made Wax Statue

Khan, a native of Bangalore in India, stated that the statue has been in development for over two years. Ayan, his eight-year old son, also hopes to meet Khan in person. Zakir stated that it was decided to create the statue in order to fulfill his dream.

“I used to always watch Crown Princess videos on YouTube. Khan explained that my son started watching him, and soon became a huge fan of Sheikh Hamdan. Ayan, a little boy, expressed his desire to meet Crown Prince of Dubai. “When my son stated that he wanted Sheikh Hamdan to meet him, I decided to gift him a wax statue (a gift) to help him in the event of such a meeting.

Khan and Arif, his childhood friend, worked hard for 38 days after arriving in Dubai in December 2021 to finish the wax statue at 5’8″. This is the same height as the crown Prince. It was difficult work, he admitted. “They use molds at all places that make wax figures including Madame Tussauds statues. Khan explained that all details of the statue were hand-carved by him.

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