Watch Video: UAE police rescue man who tried to jump off the bridge, kill himself in Ajman

Ajman Police saved the life of a young man who attempted suicide by jumping off the highest bridge in the Emirate.

Brigadier General Abdullah Saif Al-Matrushi is the Director-General for Police Operations in Ajman Police. He stated that the operations room was notified by an Asian nation that he threatened to jump from the Sheikh Khalifa Bridge. The police patrols and a criminal investigation team immediately reached the spot for the rescue operation.

Police posted a video showing how they intervened and initiated a conversation that stopped the ex-pat from jumping off the bridge.

The police mediators approached him while he was sitting on the bridge’s edge. They tried to persuade him to not take such an extreme step. One officer spoke to him and then another grabbed him from behind. Two other officers jumped in action to pull him away from danger.

According to the authority, the person was going through financial hardship

The Director-General for Police Operations stated that the young man had been transferred to Hamidiyah Police Station. After investigation, it was discovered that the man was in severe financial distress and was considering ending his life. The Asian was assessed and found to be mentally healthy and free from any disease.

The community police were notified and referred the case to them to assist with his debt settlement and financial problems.

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