Manorama news helped 3 People; Those who got a visitor visa in Sharjah got jobs

Manorama news helped; Those who got a visitor visa in Sharjah got jobs
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Online news support for Sharjah Manorama; Three people were unemployed while on a visitor visa. Praveen, a civil engineering graduate from Thrissur Mambra; A. Anees, from Kollam Kundera; Ratheesh, from Pathanamthitta. They sought employment through their own visas, and not through agents. All three of them are currently employed. Sub, a Kottayam Karukachal native, is the only one who can find a job in this friendly group. Manorama Online published the story on June 30, detailing their dire circumstances.

Praveen was offered a job in Hesal Contracting Company, Dubai. It is owned by Ratheesh and Girish Menon, both natives from Kozhikode, Thiruvannur. Rathish Menon stated that Praveen contacted him after reading about Praveen’s story on Manorama. Because I’ve been through so much misery in my life, I understand the difficulties of unemployed youth. He stated that he was happy to offer a job to Praveen, the sole breadwinner in the family, and that his work visa process would soon be complete. Ratheesh and Aneesh were hired by Al Sameer Company in Ajman. Ratheesh, a UAE driver’s license holder, was hired as a driver.

Manorama news helped; Those who got a visitor visa in Sharjah got jobs

End your misery, find peace

Praveen, a civil engineering engineer, was married just 10 months ago. Borrowed the money to pay for plane tickets and visitor visas. A friend who was in Sharjah is now here. It was hard to find somewhere to stay and eat. With a resume, he walked into many construction companies in UAE. When life seemed to be at an end, Praveen approached the Sharjah Indian Association. Praveen has five year experience in civil engineering in Nadu.

Subin, Ratheesh, and Aneesh came to Sharjah Indian Association out of desperation, having arrived on their own visitor visas. They had been wandering about for work and then finally sought help.

Anees arrived to the UAE in 2022 on April 30th. He borrowed money from his family and friends to get a visa and a plane ticket. Because he didn’t know how to pay off the debt, he was in serious financial trouble. Ratheesh and Aneesh started work two days ago. They will soon begin the process to get their work visas.

They also stated that over 50 people live without food in Sharjah Rollea and are not being cheated by visa agents. Many of them have expired visitor visas. These youths claim that if they don’t get work as soon as possible, it will cause them to be in serious trouble. The Indian Embassy, Consulate, and Indian Associations in UAE need to intervene.

Covid has broken all expectations

For the past two months hundreds of Indians, including Malayalis have been caught in visa fraud in Sharjah and Ajman. The number of visa-job scam cases has increased again due to the spread Covid-19. Many of them are women. The majority of the poor come from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bihar, Maharashtra as well as inner parts of Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. They are living in poverty in Ajman and Sharjah, without the promised jobs, a place to live and a decent meal per day. Many people in Sharjah, and elsewhere, are experiencing extreme heat without any food.

Avoid foreign job scams with Norca Roots

NORCA ROOTS advised that Malayalees should not be exploited for work abroad. It is important to fully understand the information regarding the employer. Only registered e-migrate agencies can arrange employment travel abroad. You can verify the details of the agency on the central government website

Illegal recruiting agencies can issue visitor visas that are not valid for travel. This should be avoided. It is important to obtain the offer letter from the employer with special care. The employer should verify that the job being offered matches the candidate’s qualifications and skills. The employment contract should be read carefully, including the benefits and salary provisions. You must ensure that the job you are offered matches the description on your visa. Anyone who needs to obtain immigration clearance before leaving for overseas employment should take Norkaya’s predeparture orientation program.

ECR passport holders who are looking to work in one of the 18 ECR countries which require emigration clearance must have an employment contract via the central government’s portal e-migrate. They are tricked by illegal recruiting agents who give them visitor visas.

The foreign employer may issue a visitor visa to them as an employment visa. However, the contract for employment is not created through the emigrate system. Employers treat them as illegal immigrants, and many are denied wages and housing. Many are also forced to work in unsafe workplaces. Harikrishnan Namboothiri, CEO of NORCA, stated that visa frauds and labor harassment can be stopped only if strict vigilance has been maintained.

Job fraud; Be cautious

The Visa-work fraud that began in the 1980s is still being perpetrated centered around Ajman or Sharjah. These scams are still affecting educated Malayalee youth, who continue to lose their time, money, and even their health. While government systems like NORKA ( are active in Kerala to provide guidance and solutions to the problems of expatriates, they are being trapped without knowing or taking it seriously. This should be made known to the authorities at panchayat levels. Both Indian and UAE authorities warn against scammers. You can also be assured that legitimate recruiting agencies won’t extort candidates for fees.

It is easy to check if the company is available and if there are any job openings abroad if one is offered a job. You should only transfer money after confirming with the foreign company’s human resources department. These scams are most common in North India. Many young girls and women suffer the consequences of these scams, resulting in their lives being ruined and breaking up with their families.

UAE claims

Many cases involve extorting money through the presentation of fake employment contracts or offer letters. Fake contracts are used to extort money from foreign job applicants. Before you can apply for a visa to the UAE, an offer letter will be sent. This letter and the employment contract that details the job will be offered to them are used by some gangs to cheat foreign applicants and extort their money. The contract should include attractive benefits and a salary. Employers can now use a new method to commit visa fraud by asking them to send money to a specific address in order to obtain visa procedures.

A UAE hospital offered better benefits and wages through an employment contract. The hospital did not send the employment contract to the job seeker when he inquired through friends about it. To extort money, the group created a contract under the hospital’s name and showed the contract.

Many people have lost their money to these scams, it is said. In order to extort money from job seekers abroad, employment contracts are sent in the names of different companies. These companies disappear almost always once the money has been received.

Visa costs must be borne entirely by the employer

Employers are responsible for all costs associated with obtaining visas in the UAE. The authorities state that visas cannot be obtained if money is not given to them. In the name of an employment contract, checks and other documents should not ever be signed. Contracts should not be signed with anyone other than official agencies. Only refer to job ads in the media or other publications. Refer to no one or unfounded websites when referring people to visa applications. Officials stated that the integrity and honesty of institutions must be guaranteed if a job offer is accepted.

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