United States with $5 billion missile defense system for Saudi and UAE

United States with $5 billion missile defense system for Saudi and UAE
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The decision was announced two weeks after US President Joe Biden met with the leaders of both countries in Saudi Arabia

Washington: The United States (US) has offered missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia), and the United Arab Emirates, (UAE) with a total value of more than $5 billion. Two weeks after US President Joe Biden met in Saudi Arabia with leaders from both countries, the decision was made. Because Iran is a major threat to both countries, the United States approved the missile defense system.

The State Department announced that Saudi Arabia will purchase 300 Patriot MIM-104E missile system systems. It can destroy long-range cruise and ballistic missiles as well as attack aircraft. The department stated that the missiles and other parts of related equipment have a value of $3.05 billion. Saudi Arabia was hit with rockets by the Houthi rebels from Yemen, who received Iranian technology and equipment. According to the State Department, the missiles will be used by Saudi Arabia to defend its borders against sustained Houthi attacks as well as ballistic missile strikes on civilian areas and critical infrastructure.

The US will also sell the UAE Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system systems for $2.25billion. Recent Houthi rocket attacks on the UAE were carried out. It was partly defended by US-based defense systems. According to the State Department, the purchase of the missile would increase the UAE’s capability to counter future and current ballistic missile threats and decrease its dependence on US forces.

United States Supply weapons

The United States stated earlier that it would supply weapons to Ukraine in the event of Russia’s invasion. Sky News reported that 27 countries including Britain and the United States are willing to provide weapons for Ukraine. These leaders have stated that they will support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian occupation. As part of this, it was decided that weapons would be provided.

Russia claimed that the attack destroyed weapons provided to Ukraine by the United States, Europe, and other countries. Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that the runway at Odessa military airfield was also destroyed. After the Russian ministry confirmed that Onyx missiles with the highest yield had been fired at Odesa’s main runway, Ukraine claimed Russia attacked it. Reports also suggest that weapons from the United States and other European nations were kept here by Ukraine. Follow Us On Pinterest

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