Dubai Population Increase: Ahead In Population, Behind In Unemployment; Dubai’s Population Is Growing

Dubai Population Increase: Ahead In Population, Behind In Unemployment; Dubai's Population Is Growing
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Dubai: Dubai’s population is growing Behind unemployment. The emirate’s population grew by 33 lakhs. The population of the emirate was only 20,000 in 1950. However, it has grown 165 times over the past 70 years. The Dubai Urban Master Plan projects that the daily population will rise to 78 lakh by 2040. This was evident earlier in the day when the Dubai Urban Master Plan took into account the number of Dubai residents and workers.

Decreasing Unemployment

Despite the Covid restrictions remaining in place, there has been an increase in the population of over one lakh in the past two years. The population grew after many of the COVID-19 victims returned to their homes. According to the Dubai Statistics Center, the unemployment rate has remained at 0.5 percent despite the population growth. Follow Us On Telegram

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