An official from the UAE says Emiratisation is not a burden on the private sector

An official from the UAE says Emiratisation is not a burden on the private sector
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A top official stated Monday that private-sector employers will be able to thrive while meeting their requirement to hire more UAE nationals.

The government will assist businesses to encourage young Emirati talent to enter the workforce.

Ghannam Al Mazrouei (secretary-general of Emirati Talent Competency Council) stated that Emiratis shouldn’t be a burden to a company by hiring them.

He said that the government had also subsidized a training program for one year so that the private sector would not have to bear these costs on Dubai Eye’s Radio Show.

“We will make sure the young talent is available and will have direct-hire contracts with the employer.”

According to government plans, Emirati youth will be offered a hand in setting up new private sector businesses that support the UAE’s “economic backbone” and creating 15,000 jobs per year.

In 2020, a major government recruitment drive was launched. It aimed to make sure that Emiratis comprise 10 percent of the private sector workforce by 2026.

“The government has subsidized a training program for one year, so the private industry will not be burdened by these costs,”

Ghannam Al Mazrouei Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council
Ghannam Al Mazrouei Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council An official from the UAE says Emiratisation is not a burden on the private sector
Ghannam Al Mazrouei

It is hoped that another 75,000 Emiratis will be able to join the private sector under the Nafis program.

Businesses can post jobs and Emiratis can apply for positions at For every Emirati, it hires, a company must reach its target by paying Dh6,000 per month.

“We want to find representation in the private sector for our young talent, as it is our backbone economy and we want our youth talent to be a part of this economic contribution soon,” Mr. Al Mazrouei stated.

“This will result in approximately 15,000 new jobs each year for high-skilled positions within companies.

“We are building a partnership with businesses and listening to employers so that we can help them understand their challenges.”

As an incentive, the government will increase the salaries of university graduates by Dh5,000 under a variety of measures to secure Emirati private-sector jobs.

Along with unemployment benefits, a national health program, and vocational counseling, child support payments will be available.

Additional stimuli include financial aid for Emiratis over 50 who want to retire early to start their businesses.

The ETCC will manage a unified job posting platform that connects Emiratis to vacancies in the private sector. A business development center will assist employers in identifying talent from large numbers of job seekers, Mr. Al Mazrouei stated.

The government will continue to offer financial assistance to young Emirati talent.

Al Mazrouei stated, “We aim at connecting the demand and the supply.”

“We have seen positive action from the private sector to sign up for this platform and we encourage them to continue to post vacancies.

“The private sector is looking for someone with experience, knowledge, and skills.

Employers need to find young people who are ready to work in the private sector.

“There are many opportunities for young people.”

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