UAE Part-Time Job: How Is The Current Situation? Everything You Need To Know

The new UAE Labor Law, which was adopted on February 2, 2022, allows residents to work part-time (UAE part-time job) in addition to their primary jobs. The primary employer does not need to approve them for a second job. All they need is a temporary work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Recruitment consultants said part-time jobs are a boon for young mothers and retired senior professionals. Mindfield Resource Consultancy managing partner Anjali Samuel said that most part-time work is available in the areas of web design, copywriting, and accounting.

Deepa Sud, CEO at Plum Jobs, a Dubai-based HR advisory firm, executive search, and business transformation consultancy said that part-time work could include seasonal roles like hospitality, merchandisers, or mystery shoppers. They can attract students and individuals who have been sponsored by their families.

Expert opinion is that such jobs aren’t well-received because the sector doesn’t have a lot of people who are used to working part-time. Although the UAE government has made it possible to obtain part-time visas, many businesses don’t consider this an effective option because most businesses need full-time employees. Deepa Sud said that most ex-pats want full-time work. She said that companies often hire interns or full-time positions, as these are cheaper than hiring someone who has experience.

“The part-time work segment is not growing or shrinking. This segment simply hasn’t seen much interest. Expat workers are seeking full-time employment. For many, the only way to sustain a standard of living is to pay the living costs and send money home to their families. Plum Jobs’ chief executive said that this is becoming increasingly difficult due to the rising cost of living.

The new law allows private sector employees to enter into flexible, part-time, and temporary employment contracts. UAE law sets a 144-hour limit for employees to avoid burnout and employers abusing human resources. A contract for temporary work allows people to take on part-time jobs in the UAE for a set period or a specific project. The job ends when the person is done. A one-year temporary work permit is available to teenagers who want to learn and get ready for the workforce. A work permit is available to students between the ages of 15-18. Follow Us On Telegram

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