UAE National Day 2022: Packages For The Long Public Holiday Are Announced Months In Advance

UAE National Day: Packages For The Long Public Holiday Are Announced Months In Advance
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Tourism companies in the UAE are making preparations for the long-awaited public holidays as the summer holidays wind down. For Remembrance Day, and UAE National Day, packages have been prepared. Residents who are unable to take advantage of the holiday season may plan ahead to get amazing holiday deals for the four-day holiday period from Thursday, December 1, 2022 to Sunday, December 4, 2022.

Months For UAE National Day

Holiday Factory has UAE National Day Deals for Georgia. Two packages for AED 2 699 and AED 2 799 respectively are available for the Caucasian nation. For the long-term, there are many other travel agencies that offer attractive packages. Ruh Tourism also offers attractively priced packages that can be booked for the weekend. Ruh Tourism also offers packages for Central Asian and Caucasian countries on public holidays.

Libin Varghese is the ROOH Tourism Sales and Marketing director. He noted that Kazakhstan is a popular budget destination. “Residents in the UAE don’t know Kazakhstan. There are many tourist and vacation opportunities there. He stated that we will plan a trip to the country for the National Day long weekend. As authorities announce visa-free entry for citizens from China, India, and Iran, tourism companies expect heavy demand this winter.

Varghese said that the company offers packages to Indians even if they do not have UAE residency. Many relatives are UAE residents and they travel from India to Dubai in winter. Georgia is a favorite destination for them. Earlier, approval of Indian nationals for e-Visa took several days. Varghese stated that now the residents and their families can travel to Georgia with no difficulty.”

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