UAE Multiple Entry Tourist Visa: Demand For Five-Year Multi-Entry Tourist Visa Is High

UAE Multiple Entry Tourist Visa: Demand For Five-Year Multi-Entry Tourist Visa Is High
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The UAE announced a five-year multi-entry tourist Visa that is in high demand. The demand for a multi-entry tourist visa (multiple entry visa) with five years of multiple entry is rising in light of the recent visa reforms announced by the UAE. A five-year multiple entry tourist visa for the UAE was announced earlier this year as part of the UAE’s extensive visa reforms. Tourists can visit the UAE multiple times with the visa and can stay for up to 90 days.

Residents claim that the five-year multi-entry tourist visa allowed them to spend more time with their parents. Many of these residents use visas to help their parents travel and enter the country.
Tanya Ilyas, a resident of Abu Dhabi, said that “it has made our lives a lot simpler.” My parents lived and worked here. My sisters and I grew up in this area, and we still have family here.

They visit us often. It was a pain to get a visa for each visit. This is why it was decided that parents could get multiple entry visas. She said that all documentation was available online, and it was very simple. “We will need to provide proof of 3 months’ stay, proof of accommodation and bank balance requirements.
Jisham Latif is a native Abu Dhabii who recently applied for a visa for his parents. He said, “We are three brothers, all working and living in the UAE.” “Our parents often visit us and this visa made it easy. It was easy to complete the paperwork.

High Demand For Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

The visa holder can extend it for up to 90 days, in addition to the initial 90 without having to leave the country. Officials said that the visa allows relatives from abroad to spend more time in the UAE with their loved ones. Multiple entry visa applicants must provide documentation including a bank statement from the past six months, $4,000 in foreign currency equivalent, proof that the UAE has health insurance, a copy of a flight ticket, proof to residency, and a letter from family members in the UAE.

Abdul Ghafoor is the general manager at Al Mas Businessmen’s Services. He said that there has been a lot of interest from people wanting to obtain visas for their parents. He said, “It’s a very convenient option because their parents can visit any time during the 5-year period.” Shehna Mansoor is a native Indian who expresses gratitude for the visa. She said, “I am definitely taking it for mom.” “We had a residence visa earlier for my mom.

To maintain her visa, she must visit the child every six months. My mother travels quite a bit between India and here, so this is sometimes not possible. It was difficult for us to keep track of them and ensure they visited within the time allowed. Because she couldn’t reach Dubai in time, her mother’s visa was cancelled several times. She stated that this led to a loss of money as well as the difficulty of getting another visa. This multiple entry visa solves all problems. My husband and I are now preparing all necessary documents. She added that we will soon apply for multiple entry visas.”

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