UAE Job Getting Tips: Do’s And Don’ts For Candidates To Get A Job

Dubai: You applied to 10 jobs, but did not receive a call from any of them. You can make it more bearable by rectifying some of your mistakes. Find out about common mistakes in job applications, and useful job-seeking tips in the UAE. Abdul-Rahman Risilia is the founder of ARC Talent. He says that even if your application is perfect, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you don’t get a callback. 

You can improve your chances by fixing some of these mistakes. These are five common mistakes that you can make in your approach, CV, and bio-data. Rosalia says that your LinkedIn profile and CV don’t match. Your LinkedIn profile and CV should be up-to-date.

Resilia advised job applicants to pay more attention to profiles on social media websites as they can be used to provide more references than a CV or cover letter. He stated that everything is digital and online and that if your social profiles are not up-to-date, cover letters won’t get you into the job.

It’s easy to apply for multiple jobs and not read the job description. Rosalia says it’s important that you are willing to move beyond your comfort zone and adapt to a changing job market. However, Risilia also advises that it is important to only apply for jobs that match your experience and skills. You will be more hurt than good if you apply to every job opportunity that comes your way.

“Have a specific and targeted approach, and ensure you have read the job description. He said that while some people may do this out of desperation, or simply because they want to be employed, it can hinder your chances of getting a job.

Resilia suggests that you don’t need to include a cover letter with your application. Resilia advised applicants not to include a cover letter unless it stated that it was required. Keep the introduction brief, even if you are sending a cover letter to a recruiter or approaching one online.

“Be strategic and purposeful with your approach. Sicilia advised that you identify the companies that you are interested in working for and see if they have any positions. If there are, then reach out to someone at the top of your field. Keep your message concise and precise.

The Application Doesn’t Highlight the Right Elements Many applicants place more emphasis on their work for companies than on how they contributed to the campaigns or projects they were assigned. Software engineers are a good example. They may have worked previously for large companies and focus more on what they do than the programming languages they can use. Rosalia said that you should highlight the company’s key activities.

Failure to follow up

Follow-up is important. The recruiter may be more likely to give you any updates if you keep following up. Rosalia says that it is less important to follow up on applications if you are applying for a senior position. If you are applying for an entry-level job, however, sending a brief email or message to the recruiter after you submit your application can demonstrate that you are interested in the job and will be willing to pursue it.

Here are some best practices to follow. Now you know what you should do and not do when applying for jobs. Here are some tips to help you get the best job application results.

Two-page CV

Aisha Amarsi is a senior business manager at HAYS global recruitment experts and spoke about how applicants should pay the most attention to their CVs. Your CV must be concise. She suggested that you limit your CV to two pages if possible. You should list not only your job duties, and responsibilities, but also the highlights of each role. Make sure to format your CV correctly, including the month and year of previous jobs. Also, check spelling and grammar. She added that your CV is your first impression.

Always prepare a new CV. It is important to focus on the most important aspects of your work experience and skills for the job that you are applying for. An unformatted CV will be more difficult to read. It is important to carefully read and understand the job description. Sometimes it is tempting to just apply for a job based on the job title. Amarsi said that you should carefully read the job description and highlight your relevant experience. She added that employers look at CVs for keywords.

Research the Company before Posting

A company’s culture, values, and beliefs can help you focus your approach. Doing your research will help you determine if the company is right for you. Do your research about the company before you apply. Amarsi stated that you should look at the company’s culture, vision, and values and determine if these align with your values. This will allow you to build a stronger connection with your interviewer when you return for the next interview.

If you post a CV on reputable job platforms, Online job portals. If you are unsure if the job site is trustworthy, perform a quick search online and check for reviews. This will allow you to reach the right recruiters and give you more benefits. These do’s and don’ts will help you get the best results and land the perfect job. Follow Us On Telegram

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