UAE health experts warn air travelers; These things need to be taken care of

UAE health experts warn air travelers; These things need to be taken care of
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Dubai: Health experts offer cautionary advice to air travelers during summer. For the safety and health of their family members and themselves, vacationers were advised to take precautionary steps. Recent increases in Covid cases have been noticed in many countries. It is contagious. Doctors advise that people who are not vaccinated or have symptoms to stay away from the disease.

Visitors should prepare

Make sure you have enough anti-bacterial wipes, sanitizers, and face masks for your trip. Avoid crowded areas and limit your travel if you are old or sick. They should be aware of the current epidemic rate in their area.

Congested areas with poor ventilation and high covid transmission rates are the most common. This is because people spend a lot time in these areas. Avoid indoor and closed spaces when you go to restaurants, bars, and offices. You should immediately seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms of Covid.

Summarize health experts

  • Always wear a mask
  • Use soap and water to wash your hands often.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are recommended
  • Keep your distance from others.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick or have Covid 19 symptoms.
  • Avoid areas that are too crowded or have poor ventilation.
  • You can’t eat or drink on public transportation so you can wear the mask everywhere.
  • Restaurants that cater to the outside community are a great place to eat.
  • Contactless payment methods are not recommended – You should only attend outdoor events.
  • Always cover your mouth with tissue when you sneeze.
  • Hydration is essential. Drink plenty of fluids, fruits, such as watermelon and plums, and berries, and oranges. Also, eat green leafy vegetables.
  • Avoid hot and cold food.
  • You can eat when you have to, even if your travel plans are jam-packed.

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