UAE Gold Price: Gold Price In UAE At Low Price

UAE Gold Price: Gold Price In UAE At Low Price
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Dubai: Low gold price in UAE  The gold price is at its lowest point in three weeks. The international market saw the price drop 0.11 percent to 1743.46 US dollars an ounce. 24 carats of gold were priced in the UAE at AED 212.5 per gram, and 22 carats at AED 198.5 per gram. 21 carats of gold are sold at 189.25 dirhams, while 18 carats of gold are sold at 162.25 dirhams.

Low Gold Price In UAE

The price for 22 carats in the UAE was 205.25 Dirhams on August 13. The price of gold has fallen below 200 dirhams and there has been an increase in demand in all UAE gold trading houses. The strengthening dollar and the expectation that the US Federal Reserve would raise rates to manage inflation also contributed to the rise in gold prices.

Today, the price for gold in Kerala has fallen twice. After a morning decline of 160 rupees, the afternoon drop was 200 rupees. Today’s total decline in rupees has been 360. Current market price for one Pawan Gold in Kerala is Rs 37 880.

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