UAE Employment Opportunity: Job Opportunities Are On The Rise In The UAE

The second quarter saw a 10 percent increase in UAE employment opportunities in 2022 compared with the first quarter. Cooper Fitch has released the most recent report. Cooper Fitch’s most recent report shows that the UAE’s efforts to attract top talent via reforms such as golden visas are proving successful. This is despite high oil prices. The UAE’s economy grew by 8.2 percent in its first quarter. The country’s real gross domestic product (GDP), is expected to increase between 5.4 and 4.2 percent in this year.

Employment Rise In UAE

The UAE’s monthly Purchasing Management Index (PMI), a key indicator for private sector performance, shows a positive trend in job growth. Cooper Fitch data indicates that new jobs are most commonly created in sales and marketing and cloud, public sector and strategy software development. New age sectors will create thousands of jobs, including 40,000 in the country’s metaverse. The UAE will also provide opportunities for 100,000 coders.

The Gulf countries saw a significant increase in job creation. Oman increased by six percent, Qatar rose by four percent, Saudi Arabia by three percentage points, and Oman by six. Cooper Fitch analysts pointed out that the UAE and the GCC countries are anticipating a very strong employment year in 2022.

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