UAE celebrated the removal of the mask; There is no exemption for India-UAE travel

UAE celebrated the removal of the mask; There is no exemption for India-UAE travel
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Abu Dhabi: People of UAE celebrated the removal and celebration of the mask. Two and a half year ago, people lived with their faces covered in masks. Yesterday was a day of celebration. People went shopping and took selfies with friends, without masks.

Masks were required in the UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi, in public places, shopping malls and closed rooms. This law was repealed. This has led to an increase in people visiting restaurants, shopping centers, and other public areas. The traders hope that the green pass law will be amended.

Abu Dhabi still requires a green pass to be allowed into shopping malls or public places. According to traders, if the PCR test results are negative, the Green Pass period will be extended by 30 days. Some people wore masks yesterday because they were concerned about their safety.

Some felt that the mask, which has been part of their lives for over two and a quarter years, cannot be removed at once. Some Malayalees replied that the mind should adapt to the mask and then modify it. Most of them dropped the mask immediately they learned of its removal.

Schools in joy

Many of the UAE’s teachers and students arrived yesterday without masks. After two and a quarter years, the students are delighted to see their friends smile again. Surprised to see how many people have changed, this surprised many.

Many people came to the airport wearing masks, as this is a common practice. Others were kept in the bag. Most boys in Abu Dhabi changed their masks while most girls wore them.

Worship shoulder-to-shoulder

Muslims can now pray shoulder-to-shoulder after two and a quarter years. Although Covid restrictions were lifted at different stages, social distancing was still required in places of worship. Officials confirmed that the mask requirement would continue, even though social distancing was stopped yesterday.

Areas to Be Masqued

The mask requirement in public transport vehicles and hospitals will also be maintained. No distance.

Airlines have stopped using masks

Abu Dhabi: National airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, and Fly Dubai no longer require masks. Masks are still required on UAE-India flights, even though India has not removed the requirement. Exempted are other services that depart from or return to the UAE. It is not mandatory to wear it at the airport. It is permissible to wear for those who are in dire need. Transit passengers are required to comply with the requirements of their country. Since yesterday, the UAE has removed the mask requirement.

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