UAE bans export of Indian wheat to other countries

UAE bans export of Indian wheat to other countries
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Abu Dhabi: The UAE has prohibited the export of wheat from India. For four months, the UAE Ministry of Finance announced that re-exports will be prohibited. Domestic use will be allowed only for imported Indian wheat. It was decided that no wheat from the UAE will ever be resold overseas. This decision was made in response to global shortages of wheat and other grain issues and concerns about food supply around the globe.

All varieties of wheat (spelled, hard, normal, and soft) are affected by the decision. According to the Finance Ministry, the decision will take effect on May 13. India’s high temperatures have had a negative impact on crops. India imposed a ban on exports of wheat on May 13th. The local wheat prices rose to new records. India assured the world that it will have sufficient wheat stocks to supply the demand for the next few weeks. Several countries, including the UAE requested India to resume its wheat exports.

WAM, the UAE’s official news agency, reported that an agreement between India and the UAE includes India’s permission for wheat exports to the UAE. This is the third occasion that India has permitted international wheat exports after the May ban. Companies wishing to export or import Indian wheat flour into the country after May 13 have been directed by the Ministry of Finance to apply for this permit.

The global shortage of fertilizer, wheat, and grain was also caused by the Indian heat wave. Since February, Russia’s Black Sea blockade and sanctions against Russia has led to a drastic drop in food production in these two countries known collectively as the “breadbasket” of the world.

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