UAE Aviation Job: These Are The Most In-Demand Vacancies In The Aviation Sector

Globally, the aviation industry is facing a shortage of skilled workers. There are currently good job opportunities in aviation. “The aviation industry lacks skilled workers has created enormous job opportunities,” Dr. Ahmad Al Ali, Vice-Chancellor Emirates Aviation Industry (EAU), stated.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a faster recovery in the aviation industry. However, airline bosses are willing to offer competitive salaries and work conditions to keep the best talent. There has been an increase in students entering aviation courses due to a shortage of qualified professionals. EAU received almost 3000 applications for its undergraduate programs in 2018. This is almost double the amount of applications received for the 2019-2020 academic calendar. This has led to an increase in the number of postgraduate students.

These are six of the most sought-after jobs in aviation at the moment:

Aircraft Mechanics
Two years after the Covid-19 pandemic the airline industry has seen a rapid recovery. One of the most in-demand occupations is that of aircraft mechanics. Long delays were caused by a severe shortage in mechanics. This could lead to cancellations and higher ticket prices.
The pilots
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a worldwide shortage of pilots. Over the next 20-years, more than 2 million aviation workers will be needed. According to Boeing’s recent Pilot and Technician Outlook, pilots are required to safely support commercial aviation and meet growing long-term demand. The report estimates that around 53,000 pilots will be needed in the Middle East over this time. This has created many opportunities for pilots.

Flight Dispatcher The aviation industry is recovering from the worst crisis in
Recent data from the EAU shows a rise in demand for flight instructor certifications. Flight dispatchers ensure that all flights run safely and efficiently. These professionals have many responsibilities, including planning flight routes and monitoring weather changes. As the industry develops, the demand for flight dispatchers will increase.

Crew The topic of a global shortage in cabin crew was a hot topic at the beginning of the year. This led to cancellations and rescheduling of flights across Europe. Many flight attendants have moved to other jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has led to a severe shortage in cabin crew around the world. Boeing’s Pilot and Technical Outlook estimates that there will be a demand for almost 900,000.

Aeronautical Engineers according to the US
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, aerospace engineers are expected to see an 8 percent increase in employment between 2020 and 2030. As it stands now, the aviation industry is short of qualified professionals. Airlines bosses offer lucrative salaries to help find engineers.

Supply Chain Professionals Supply chain disruptions caused by
Nearly every industry has been affected by war and pandemics. Companies seek out qualified personnel to help develop supply chains. EAU reported that there has been a significant rise in graduate demand for programs in global supply chain management.

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