UAE Announces Increase in Visa Fees and Changes Visit Visa Regime

The UAE introduced the Advanced Visa System in October 2022. This was a complete overhaul of the UAE’s visa procedures, led by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP). This was one of the biggest reforms to residency and entry permits in the country’s recent history.

The UAE has made significant progress since then in the area of its visa system. Recent increases in fees have seen an increase in the fees to issue Emirates IDs, and visit and residency visas. As confirmed by a representative, this change will affect all services offered by the ICP.

The new pricing structure will see Emirates IDs costing Dh370 instead of Dh270. The fee for a one-month visitor visa has been increased from Dh270 to Dh370.

Five more changes were made to the UAE’s visa regime.

No more visa extensions from within the UAE

Visitor visa holders are no longer allowed to extend visas within the country. This means that visitors who want to extend their visa must leave the UAE to enter again on a new visa.

Afi Ahmed, Smart Travels’ Managing Director, stated that visitors have the option to extend their visas for a month at a fee. They must then leave the country by air or on land, and they can re-enter.

A 5-Year Multiple Entry Visa for Tourists is Now Available

Tourists visiting the UAE can now apply for a 5-year multiple-entry visa. This allows them to enter multiple times under their sponsorship and stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Holders can also extend their visas for up to 90 days without having to leave the country. Families from outside the UAE have the opportunity to spend more time together with their loved ones.

The multiple entry visa applicant must submit supporting documentation, including a bank statement covering the past six months showing a balance of $4,000 in foreign currency, proof of UAE insurance, a copy of the flight ticket, and proof that they are a resident of the UAE, such as a letter of invitation from family members.

Tourist Visa Holders Must Pay for Overstay Fine

Tourists who overstay their visas in the UAE will be fined and required to obtain an outpass (or leave permit) at an additional fee before they can exit the country.

This applies only to people departing Dubai. An out pass is not required for visitors who leave from the UAE’s other emirates.

60-Day Visit Visa Restarts

In the UAE, 60-day visitor visas have been reissued. When planning their trip to the UAE, tourists can now choose between 30-day or 60-day visas.

Special Permit for Friends and Family

Visitors who want to visit family members or friends in UAE have a new entry permit. Visitors can apply for this permit without having to go through a travel agency as long as they are relatives or friends of UAE citizens or residents.

A refundable deposit of Dh1000 can be paid by a friend or relative to sponsor the visitor.

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