Travel Agency Packages: Enjoy Vacations At Low Rates Including Travel Expenses

Travel Agency Packages: Enjoy Vacations At Low Rates Including Travel Expenses
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As ticket prices to popular tourist destinations around the world skyrocket on Eid weekends, many are opting for post-Eid travel options. In addition, travel agents offer very attractive and pocket-friendly options for these travelers. These offers are available to favorite hotspots in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other countries. Some agents are offering travel offers for AED 999, including accommodation, return tickets, visas, transfers and tours.

“We want to give some offers to people who want to travel after the Eid rush. Libin Varghese, director of sales and operations at Ruh Tourism LLC, said the rates were after Eid and would be adjusted in batches. Varghese said the rates were aimed at promoting tourism among UAE residents after Covid.
For three nights and four days: 999 dirhams / person for 3 people; The Dubai-based travel operator offers Georgia rates of AED 1099/2 per person and AED 1499 per person. Varghese pointed out that these do not include the cost of PCR tests, other activities and food. He added that fares would vary depending on the availability of flights and hotels. Holiday Factory, another tour operator, has announced discounts of 1,299 dirhams for tours to Georgia and 999 dirhams for Armenia and Bosnia after Eid.

The holiday voucher from the Holiday Factory includes travel insurance, tour guide, transfers, hotels and return tickets, and is on offer until the end of May. The offer includes travel from Sharjah International Airport to Air Arabia and PCR test included in the package.

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