Transportation related facilities will be increased in Al Barsha

Transportation related facilities will be increased in Al Barsha
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Dubai: Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has decided to build related transport facilities (soft mobility), in the Al Barsha 1,2 area and to examine the feasibility of eight districts. The third quarter of the year will see construction in Al Barsha. Mathar Al Thayer, Director General and Chairman, stated that the RTA would complete the construction work within a year. Al Ras, Al Batin and Al Dagaya. The study will examine the development of ancillary transport infrastructures in the districts Al Souk Al Kabir and Horlans as well as Abu Hail, Al Sabka, and Al Sabka.

He said that there would be 29 fully developed areas by 2026. The development activities aim to encourage people to use public transport as often as possible. Officials stated that the construction is part of a strategy to develop non-mechanized transport. Metro passengers should be able, via bicycle or other means, to reach their destinations from other modes of transportation. The accessibility of ancillary facilities is being improved in a manner that is equally appealing to pedestrians and cyclists. Both parties will experience a satisfaction rate of 87.88%.

Last year, Dubai saw 3.6 million bicycle rides. It was Rs 20 Crore last year. In the Khisais region, there has been a 100 percent increase in bicycle rides. In Karama, cycling increased by 23% and in Mankool by 12%. Last year, Khisais saw an increase in bicycle rides from 1173 to 2346. RTA played a key role in the soft mobility development activities of all three areas. These places had 300 pedestrian crossings. Over a distance 33 km, cycling tracks were constructed. Each party can use the 52km lane separately. 2000 direction boards were also installed. 77000 square meters of walkway were prepared. 21 resting spots and seven shady areas were provided. According to authorities, construction work is underway to improve the facilities for the determined.

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