Torch tower illuminates Guinness World Record

Doha: Qatar’s Torch Tower holds the Guinness World Record of the largest external 360-degree screen anywhere in the world. Guinness World Record: The largest exterior 360-degree screen on a torch tower. The official release of this screen will be made public by the Aspire Zone Foundation on the 6th of March, between 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

Doha Tower is a wonder of Qatar, at 300m high, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of Doha.Β The Torch Tower is located in the Aspire Zone and is the result of extensive architecture, engineering expertise, and technical design. Hadi Simmon, a renowned architect designed the tower.Β Hadi Simmon, a renowned architect, designed the Torch Tower. It is the symbol of the giant torch.Β To house the flame of Asian Games, the tower was constructed.

The Torch Tower (also known as the Aspire Tower) is located close to the Khalifa International Stadium. This stadium will host the FIFA Qatar World Cup. Luxury hotels are housed in the 51-storey tower. From any lounge, you can enjoy 360-degree views.

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