This is the ‘Ajayibi dish’; A Christian who Makes Ifthar Meal for 30 days

This is the 'Ajayibi dish'; A Christian who Makes Ifthar Meal for 30 days
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Dubai: This is the story of a different fasting field. Iftar dinner of viral religious harmony in Egypt titled ‘Ajayibi’s food plate’. Maharib Ramzi Ajayibi, a Christian brother, breaks the fast for 30 days with Egyptian delicacies. 

Every day during the fasting month, more than 800 people return to Gardakha for an open feast and a sumptuous meal. Two hours before the Maghreb Bank’s call to end the fast, Ajayibi’s staff begin preparations to arrange fasting items on the street. They will enrich the roadside dining tables with a variety of dishes. The nominal fast is not just a field, the chefs of the big hotels serve delicious dishes cooked.  

The good way shown by the Father

He continues the pious work that his father started years ago. He says the emotional impact of eating human beings is indescribable. Ajayibi is described by the people of Gardakha as the man who puts up the largest ‘dish of God’ in the city.

This is the 'Ajayibi dish'; A Christian who Makes Ifthar Meal for 30 days

His father, Sameer Ajayibi, regularly organized a fast for Muslim workers in the city’s businesses. When that beacon of goodness was unceasingly embraced by the son, it became a loving hospitality of unbroken friendship. He will not let those who are reluctant to attend the Open Iftar party. Food parcels will be delivered to their homes and placed in the arms of mercy.   

‘The beauty of Egypt is religious harmony. If someone invites you home for a meal, they will gladly accept it. Muslims and Christians alike have embraced this atmosphere of friendship since childhood. The idea that there is only one God and one land holds us together, and here everyone is a family. They grew up together and shared their childhood together. When you break the fast with Muslims, life becomes an inner core of happiness’ – Ajayibi opens his mind.

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