This church is a greenhouse; Planted over 75 species of plants

This church is a greenhouse; Planted over 75 species of plants
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Al Ain: St. Dionysius Orthodox Church is Greened by Environmental Community. To protect the environment, more than 75 types of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants were planted. Flax, papaya and coriander are all good options.

The desert was transformed when members of the congregation joined together in regular activities. The native kappa (kolli), which was planted in the desert, produced more than 25 kilograms and ignited the passion of the community for agriculture. Eventually, vegetable and fruit cultivation were expanded. In the sixth month, 160 coriander seed were harvested. The consortium is currently preparing for further experiments.

Rev. Fr. Fr. Sunday school children experimented in paddy cultivation and sowed seeds to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti 2021. Many children are getting ready to plant various seeds and saplings in the coming days. After coding the information, including the scientific names of each sapling, and placing it on the poster, the poster was created. The church members also cherished the memory of making a snack from the fruits and leaves. Environment Day was a day to recognize Vijayan Pillai for his agricultural lessons.

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