Entire teams arrived; The world to Doha

Entire teams arrived; The world to Doha
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Doha: Qatar as ‘colorful’. As the World Cup of Football begins today, the whole country is in a frenzy. There are no fans without the jerseys of their favorite teams everywhere you look. There is only football excitement everywhere. Even on metro journeys only football is mentioned. The group stage leader has been a hot topic. Fans from Brazil and Argentina will be able to predict who will win the trophy. Everybody is certain that their team will win. Even children as young as three years old can carry the jersey and flag of their favorite team. Many of them are passionate about Portugal.

The world to Doha

When asked why, he replied that he loves Cristiano Ronaldo. Fans are also enjoying the frenzy, even if they don’t bet. It is a different experience to watch the FIFA World Cup live. Even more thrilling is the possibility to see your favorite actors live in front of you. Last night, all the teams arrived in Doha. Fans who visit the teams to see their favorite players are disappointed by the security at the training grounds and base camps. Qatar’s Al Annabi will be playing in the first match of the World Cup between Qatar & Ecuador with the full support from the expatriate community.

To fuel the team, there will be a full-line of fans in the gallery. Fans from Qatar, as well as expatriates, have filled fanzones at beach clubs and festivals. Fans can view the live broadcast on huge screens in all zones. Yesterday evening, FIFA’s official fan festival opened at Doha Corniche. Flag Plaza, Doha Corniche and the countdown clock are busy with World Cup activities. For the next 30 days, football’s world will be in Qatar.

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