The temple in Abu Dhabi will open in 2 years

The temple in Abu Dhabi will open in 2 years
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Dubai: In February 2024, the Akshardham Temple will be open to the public. The delay in construction was due to Covid conditions, but Sanjay Sudhir, Indian Ambassador, said that the next phase could be completed in two years.

The stone-laying ceremony was attended by hundreds of people on the second floor. The function was presided over by Baps Swami Bhrahma Vihari. The temple is situated on Abu Dhabi-Dubai Highway Abu Muraikha, on 10.9 hectares. It has seven towers.

The President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, gave the site to the temple’s construction in 2015. He was Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi at the time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested this when he visited the UAE for the first time.

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