The sight of a restaurant in Abu Dhabi is heartbreaking; Survivors say

The sight of a restaurant in Abu Dhabi is heartbreaking; Survivors say
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Abu Dhabi: Four Keralites were able to escape with their heads cut in an explosion of a LPG tank. Rahul and Shahul Hameed from Kozhikode Atholi and Binesh, Aliyar, both residents of Thrissur, escaped without injury.

Rahul and Shahul were already there 15 minutes ago to deliver the food. Bineesh, Aliyar and Rahul left their home at 12.30pm after the morning shift. Rahul stated that it was heartbreaking to see him return to the restaurant after his friends called. His colleagues, except one, were rushed to the hospital by firefighters and police. Shortly after noon, the bomber struck in front of hundreds of mourners. Rahul was among the many people injured when several windows collapsed in nearby buildings. He was immediately taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Rahul stated that he was immediately released from the hospital due to minor injuries.

Shahul Hameed stated that the death toll had been reduced by the rescue operations carried out by the police during wartime. Two explosions had already occurred by the time Ushahul returned to the delivery. Three of the eight people who were injured at the restaurant during the incident are already out of danger. Five of the remaining injured are currently in recovery. Basheer, the owner, stated that 40% of the burns were intended for a Pakistani national. However, the danger was overpowered. Basheer stated that the first priority was to ensure employees’ health. Only then can the loss of the restaurant be considered.

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