The journey is with ‘Zila’

The journey is with ‘Zila’
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Doha: Zila, Qatar’s integrated public transportation network, launched its mobile app, and website. Sila’s website and mobile were launched in the first Sila brand campaign, titled “Sila takes You There”. The website and Apple’s features make it easier, smarter, and more convenient.

The app provides information such as travel time, travel mode, and the best routes. It also offers real-time navigation that will help you plan your trip. You will find everything you need on the web site and mobile app. Zilla’s operation is only beginning with the app and website. The final phase of integration will see the completion of all public transport networks in the country. Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Thani (Director, Technical Affairs, Ministry of Transport) stated that Zillah would be the only official information center for public transport in the country in the future with better initiatives, projects and services.

Zillah brought Qatar’s public transport under one network. Zila, an Arabic word that means connection, is the name of Zilla. Zilla will provide uninterrupted travel facilities for both residents and visitors to the country. Sila currently controls Doha Metro, Karwa Bus and Tram, as well as Karwa Taxis. New services and travel facilities will be available once some phases are completed, including a unified payment method for public transport travel. The Ministry of Transport launched Silk in collaboration with the Qatar Railway Company and the public transport company Mausalat.

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