The hosts are ready for the roar

The hosts are ready for the roar
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Doha: Qataris are getting ready to host family and friends with just six months left before the FIFA Qatar World Cup in Qatar. The country granted permission for expatriate nationals in Qatar to host the World Cup which will take place from November 21 through December 18. One house can only hold 10 people. Many football fans travel to Qatar with their families and friends to watch the match. It can lower hotel costs for spectators, which is a major advantage.

Entry into the country


To enter Qatar, all spectators must have a Haya Card. As soon as you get a ticket for this, you need to go to the link and register for the Haya Digital Card. The Haya card can also be used as an entry visa. Public transport such as the Doha Metro or Karwa Bus will be available for free, except on competition days. Qataris and expatriates must have a Haya card in order to enter the stadium.

Even if they are not watching the World Cup match, residents of the country can arrange accommodation. These hosts don’t need to apply for Haya Cards. However, the Haya portal should have the details of all guests. Expats and residents do not require a Haya card in order to travel abroad during World Cup.

Accommodation information on Haya portal

Register now!

All spectators who arrive in the country during the tournament must indicate where they will be staying. When applying for the Haya Card, you will need to give the hotel’s confirmed booking details.

Qataris who live with their relatives or friends in Qatar must register their guest details via the Haya Portal. When applying for the Haya Card, residents can register their accommodation details online.

There are many steps to register guest information

When you log in to the Haya portal and click on the ‘Host Family and Friends’ icon, the Sign in with Haya tab will appear. Register first. After logging in to the Qatar ID, you will need to provide the property name, number, street, building number, and unit. Indicate whether the property is for sale or rent. After providing all the information, you can add the property to your property list by entering the name, passport details, and nationality of each guest.

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