The expatriate world is also busy celebrating Eid

The expatriate world is also busy celebrating Eid
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Doha: The expatriate world in Doha celebrates Eid al-Fitr with the virtue of fasting. Most of the families were busy with the last round of shopping yesterday, the closing day of the fast. There are not only Muslims but also non-Muslims who fast for 30 days during Ramadan.

In Doha is a celebration of religious harmony, camaraderie and unity for the expatriate world. This time too, it is a celebration of multi-religious people coming together. The Eid celebrations have been lost for the past 2 years as Covid has been in the grip. With the further relaxation of the Covid restrictions, the opportunity to return to mosques and perform Eid prayers, including for women, was restored.

Moreover, it gives great joy to the believers to be able to come to the prayer in new clothes and greet each other without the distance of Covid. Eid gatherings will also be in full swing this time. Most expatriate families are busy preparing delicious dishes for relatives and friends.

No less than those who flew home to celebrate Eid. Today the bachelor room delicacies are ready to be savored with chicken, mutton and beef biryani. There are also expatriate organizations that deliver Eid food to low-income workers.  

Eid market is bustling with Eid

Families mostly come for the last round of shopping. The markets for sweets, dry fruits, chicken, beef and mutton are in full swing. The number of people ordering online without reaching the hustle and bustle of hypermarkets is also not small. Gift shops are also crowded to buy Eid gifts. Eid offers abound in hypermarkets such as Lulu and Safari.

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