The Arab summit 2022 decided to get closer to America

The Arab summit decided to get closer to America
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Jeddah – The Arab summit has agreed to work with the United States on security measures that will ensure stability and security in the Middle East. In a joint statement, the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq stated that they would accept any assistance from the US in addressing security threats to their countries.

Arab countries will cooperate to counter security threats arising from the Strait of Hormuz which borders Oman and the UAE, Iran and the Bab Al Mandab at the Yemeni border. This is to ensure the safety of the sea route. The Arab and Gulf states shall ensure that no weapons of mass destruction are used or accumulated in the region.

To deter Iran developing a nuclear weapon, a diplomatic move will be taken. Terrorist activities are going to be severely curtailed. All activities that could threaten the security of the region’s security will be severely resisted. To counter threats like drones and cruise missiles, the defense forces of the Gulf countries will work together.

The heads of state assured that any organization that acts contrary to the Security Council of the United Nations decision will be stopped by concerted action. Arab countries will be able to share information and warn one another on security issues through a mechanism. A summit was also held to establish cooperation among allies in the areas of naval, missile defense, and air forces.

Arab summit Ensures The Collective Defense System

Task Force 153, Task Force 59 and Task Force 59 were welcomed by the countries. These forces work together with the United States to combat seaborne threats. The region’s security will be assured by the collective defense system built up by the GCC countries and led by the US Central Command. Meeting participants agreed that cooperation has improved between countries due to the previous summits.

All efforts to rebuild the global financial system were supported by the Arab countries. Arab countries have pledged to ensure food security as well as energy security. The US welcomed the decision of the Arab Coordination Group to allocate Rs 7.97 crore crore for food security.

The US announced a Rs 79,000 crore food security program for the MENA (the region where North Africa and Middle East Asia meet). This was also welcomed by the summit. Summit members welcomed the decision by oil-producing countries to increase fuel supplies in August and July. GCC countries have pledged Rs 7,978 cr to East Jerusalem’s hospital network. The hope for the Palestinian people is the Jerusalem hospital. It was also agreed that the GCC-US summit would be held every year.

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