Temporary trade license for new businesses in Qatar

Temporary trade license for new businesses in Qatar
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Doha: Temporary business licenses are available to allow new businesses to be established in the country. This move will support the private sector. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Labor made the announcement.

Temporary licenses are available to allow commercial activities such as hotels and medical centers to be started. Temporary licenses will not be granted to companies such as Limousine Cleaning, Cleaning, and Contracting. The license lasts for one year. The authorities may grant permission to extend the license. The license will be revoked if you violate the terms. Although it is possible to start a business by obtaining a temporary license commercial, you cannot actually start one.

This license can be used to buy products or work permits. To obtain the final license, all certificates must be approved by the appropriate authorities, including the Civil Defense Certificate or the Construction Completion Certificate.

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