TCL joins hands with retail giant Jashanmal to bring the best home appliances to GCC

TCL joins hands with retail giant Jashanmal to bring the best home appliances to GCC
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Jashanmal will become TCL’s strategic supplier and partner in the field advanced home appliances and ACs.

Dubai: TCL Electronics (1070.HK), an international LCD TV brand, and a pioneer of consumer electronics and home appliances has teamed up to Jason Mall, one the largest retail groups in GCC. TCL will be able to reach its largest ever customer base in Oman, Bahrain and UAE with its high-tech home appliances and air conditioners.

TCL’s expansion strategy for Africa and the Middle East includes a partnership with Jason Mall. TCL will make Jashanmal their major partner in this region. Their advanced home appliances and the latest FreshIN ACs are being presented. It handles all aspects of delivery, including logistics and warranty.

“We are happy to partner with Jason Mall, which we will use in our Middle East expansion projects. Jashanmal is well-known for its extensive range of branded distributions throughout the GCC. This partnership will allow us to introduce ACs and home appliances for the first time ever in the UAE. Both partners can take advantage of the opportunity to each other and create new opportunities to attract customers. TCL is very excited about the partnership with Jashanmal. Sunny Yang, General Manager of TCL MEA on the partnership with Jashanmal, said that it will be a strategic relationship.

The new strategic partnership is logical as we are leaders in our respective fields. Our growth story will allow us to keep our foothold in this region and provide products to a wider audience. Jashanmal is a respected retailer in the region with a 103 year history of goodwill. She said that their market knowledge will allow us to diversify products to meet the needs of local customers.

TCL is a respected market group, and our partnership with them will increase the company’s value. This partnership will allow us to serve the needs of local customers who are searching for high-quality ACs and home appliances. TCL is a trusted brand that offers high-quality products to the customers of the region, and we reaffirm our industry leadership position. We provide the right kind support to TCL. Khalid Soliman CEO of Jashanmal Group, said that we keep an eye on consumer buying trends, and work to develop advanced products to meet their requirements.

He said that TCL will do everything in its power to attract new customers, and that they are proud to offer customers unique deals. TCL’s cutting-edge technology and home appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, will help us grow our customer base and reach new customers. He explained that it gives TCL the chance to increase our market presence, create new marketing and sales strategies, as well as increase our revenue over the long and short term.

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