Taxi Rate: Change In Fuel Prices In UAE; Taxi Fares Reduced

Taxi Rate: Change In Fuel Prices In UAE; Taxi Fares Reduced
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The UAE authorities have announced a reduction of taxi rates as part of the lower fuel prices. In line with international rates, the UAE has reduced fuel prices by 62 fils per Liter for September. Sharjah’s minimum fare has been cut by 1 dirham while Ajman’s tariff has been cut by 6 percent. The Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority announced that the taxi meter will be available at Dh4 between 8am and 10pm. This is a decrease of Dh14.5 from Dh15.5 in August.

Reduction In Fuel Prices

Between 10pm and 6am, it will cost Dh6. Last month, Dh16.5 was the lowest fare. Tariff includes 5 percent value-added tax. The Ajman Public Transport Authority, (APTA), aims to improve service by following effective regulations and principles that help users to be more convenient without increasing their prices. The UAE Committee announces the monthly fuel price at the end of each month. This is why Sharjah and Ajman taxi rates are linked. In July, the fuel price increase caused the fares to rise. However, the petrol price drop in August led to the fares being reduced.

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