Summer air fares soar; Expatriate Keralites will struggle to reach home

Summer air fares soar; Expatriate Keralites will struggle to reach home
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Abu Dhabi: The rising cost of airfare has caused severe financial hardship for expatriate Malayalees. Rates have soared with only three days before schools close in the UAE. Even at higher prices, there are no seats available on direct flights. There are only a few seats on certain flights. The one-way fare costs around Rs 42608-63912 (Dh2000-3000). To travel home with the fourth family, they will need to spend at most Rs 3.5 lakh on connecting flights via other sectors.

Every airline has a different charge. The fare for a journey via Abu Dhabi will be higher. To leave Dubai for Kochi, the fourth family will need Rs 2.5 lakh Indigo. They will return to Kochi on August 28th, just before school reopens. It is not possible to fly direct from Mumbai, as the flight departs via Ahmedabad.

GoFirst has launched a new service between Abu Dhabi and Kochi. It charges Rs 3.39 lakh. Only seats are available on the Mumbai connection flight. This shows that even though there are two new airlines, the ticket prices have not fallen. Air India Express’s fare is Rs 3.35 million. You will need to pay Rs 3.37 lakh to board the same flight as Air India Express and Rs 3.45 lakh to return to Air India. Indigo is Rs 3.45 lakh.

SpiceJet’s economy class tickets are more expensive than Rs 3.5 lakh, Han Air is Rs 3.7 lakh and Air Arabia is Rs 3.8 lakh. Emirates Airlines offers the lowest fare at Rs 4.7 lakh. It will double if you book a business ticket. Only people who book months in advance can travel at a lower rate. Due to the Covid crisis, many families have been unable to return home in the last two years. The fare to Kerala is almost the same until July 14.

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