2 Malayalees toured GCC with Chetak; In Sohar without getting tired in the extreme heat

Malayalees toured GCC with Chetak; In Sohar without getting tired in the extreme heat
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Sohar : Ibrahim Bilal, Muhammad Afzal, and their scooters of the identical age reached Sohar in just four and a quarter hours from Muscat. They set out on a 22-year old scooter in the heat of the Arabian desert. Their only hope is the Bajaj Chetak, an old road king. Bilal and Afzal have already toured the GCC on a Chetak scooter.

Now Reached Sohar

After their trip to UAE, the group arrived in Oman. They will return to UAE once more. They are currently planning to travel to Qatar. There are many countries they would like to visit. Because of their scooters, Afzal & Bilal are more accepted than regular bike riders. They claim that the Chetak scooter disappeared from the roads because it was dangerous.

They will be able to share the excitement of the journey with others via YouTube, so they can all learn from it. It also taught them that confidence is key to any vehicle being used for a trip. The reception was attended by many people at Makani Hotel premises in Kozhikode. Manoj Badarul Sama Sohar Branch Head and Bawa Haji, President of KMCC Sohar, greeted them. Both were dressed in Ponnada by Wahid and Rashid, Makani Hotel owners. Riaz, Dr. Asif, and Siraj Kakur were present. A cake with images of Bilal, Afzal, and Siraj Kakur was cut on stage.

Afzal and Bilal both say that they were amazed by the peace they felt on their trip to Oman. The knowledge gained from a journey is not something that can be described. Travel as much as possible if you enjoy travelling. This is what Afzal Bilal has to say to anyone who is preparing for the journey. Their native place is Kasaragod Nayanarmula. Each of them are plus two students. The journey to Dubai will continue after two days spent in Sohar. https://m.facebook.com/newsgulfapp/

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