‘Silent killer’ cheated; Young woman and her pet dog found dead in Dubai

'Silent killer' cheated; Young woman and her pet dog found dead in Dubai
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Dubai: After inhaling carbon monoxide from a generator, a young lady and her dog were found dead at a villa in Dubai. The friend of the girl was also found in critical condition. It took place in Al Barsha, in a room near a large villa. Dubai police claim that a silent killer of carbon monoxide is responsible for the deaths of a young lady and her dog.

Al Barsha Police Operations Room received information that the young lady and her dog were dead, and that a Filipino friend was also dead. The young girl and her friend were living in a room that was rented by an Asian family and shared with other families. Col. Mackie Salman Ahmed Salaman, director, Crime Scene Department, stated that there were other families living nearby in rented accommodation. The police have not provided any further information about the woman who has died.

First suspicion of food poisoning

Filipina friend who escaped first said to police that she believed she was poisoned from food she ate the night before her death. The same food was given to the dog. A forensic report revealed that the dog died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The main tenant had a covered generator. Because more than one family lives at the villa, authorities shut off the electricity. The generator was turned on by the police and the tenants immediately started using it. The rooms and corridors were filled with smoke within minutes of the police turning the generator on.

The silent killer is you. Maintain the generator regularly

Medical encyclopedias describe carbon monoxide as a deadly gas. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and can cause death in humans and animals if it is left untreated. In poorly ventilated areas, it can cause death. It is absorbed through breathing and mixed with hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells. This prevents them binding to oxygen. As they inhaled carbon monoxide gas, the young woman and her dog succumbed gradually to their injuries. Because her bed was far away from the generator, the Filipino woman managed to escape.

Salman warned residents against not following the safety and health procedures for generators. Colonel Maki Salman Ahmed Salman asked residents to keep an eye on the generator and maintain it regularly.

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