Sharjah Police: Police Arrest Three Beggars Worth Lakhs In UAE

Sharjah Police: Police Arrest Three Beggars Worth Lakhs In UAE
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Sharjah police have arrested 94 beggars since the beginning of the month of Ramadan. Many of the arrested beggars had large sums of money in their possession. Police said one person was in possession of 44,000 dirhams, another 9,000 dirhams and a third Dh12,000. The arrests are part of a campaign launched earlier this month to improve security in the emirate. Some were arrested during a field campaign by groups across the emirate. The report was also received through the Sharjah Police’s direct communication channels 80040 and 901. Of the 94 arrested, 65 were men and 29 were women.

Lt. Col. Jassim Mohammed bin Talia, head of the begging control group in Sharjah, said most of the arrested criminals entered the country on visit visas and some were quick-profit residents taking advantage of the holy month. He said the campaign was a continuation of the Sharjah police’s efforts to implement the directives of the Interior Ministry and to curb these illegal activities, which are considered a legally punishable offense.
He said the number of people arrested for begging in 2020 and 2021 was 1409 and the total amount seized from them would exceed 50 million dirhams. Officials explained that security forces would continue their efforts to combat the violation. He suggested that the public should cooperate with the police and report the culprits.

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