‘Save Soil’ Campaign Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev rides a bike to UAE

'Save Soil' Campaign Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev rides a bike to UAE
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Dubai: Sadhguru Jaggi (Jagadish Vasudev), arrives in Dubai on a bicycle tour to educate the world about the importance of soil conservation. He was welcomed at the Indian Consulate Dubai. In 100 days, he traveled 30,000km across 27 countries to arrive in Dubai as part of the Save Soil campaign. He stated that while the world is aware about the grave problems facing soil, no one is prepared to solve them. He visited Abu Dhabi yesterday and joined a mangrove restoration project.

He reminded us that we must not cry if disasters recur. He also spoke on behalf of Suresh Kumar, President IBPC, and Dr. Amanpuri, Dubai Indian Consul General. The UAE is now the 74th country to cooperate with Jaggi Vasudev’s Conscious Planet Movement to Save Soil project. Tomorrow he will be attending a public ceremony in Dubai and will end his UAE tour tomorrow.

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