Retail establishments in the emirate in the midst of summer discounts

Retail establishments in the emirate in the midst of summer discounts
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Dubai – All retail outlets in Dubai offer summer discounts. Major retailers offer discounts up to 75% on groceries, as well as 25-75% for other products. The holiday season is coming to an end, and sales of many products are declining in many areas. Malayalee-owned businesses are trying to lure people to their stores by offering specials.

Faisal Khalid al Nabooda, Sharjah Co-operative Societies Director of Public Relations, stated that the co-operatives have announced discounts up to 50%. There are discounts available on electronics and electrical products, as well as travel items like bags, chocolates, trolleys, and bags. Faisal stated that the co-operative discount will continue until August. As schools reopen following the holidays, weekend discounts will be announced.

Part of a government initiative, the Azwak Group also announced price cuts. Abdul Majeed Al Khashabi, Azwak’s spokesperson, said that the products, including food were 30% cheaper. Azwak will announce a special deal in conjunction with the Feast of Sacrifice, in addition to the ongoing discount sale.

Less expensive than Lulu

Lulu Group is also included in the summer discount. A representative from Lulu Group stated that clothing, makeup bags, sunglasses, and baby items are 25% to 75% cheaper.

Shuaib Abdullah al Hammadi, Director Marketing and Media, stated that Etihad Co-operatives launched 8 discount campaigns starting in June. He claims that Etihad Co-operatives is selling as much as 75%, including 5,000 products. All fruits and vegetables, juices as well as snacks, drinks water, food, oil, sweets, meat, and sweets are included in the discounted price.

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